a story of Sahel Sounds DEU

Shot on three continents, the film provides an inside look at Christopher Kirkley’s project “Sahel Sounds” – a blog, record label and platform to explore arts and music of the Sahel region through non-traditional ethnographic fieldwork. Not a strict portrait, nor a straight music documentary, but an attempt to bridge cultural and geographical distances, the film celebrates music performances of current artists from Niger, while leaving room to reflect on today´s role of ethnomusicology. Still held back by asymmetrical power differentials, but now backed up by an expanding globalism and new possibilities to claim their independence, artists try to reach for success – on stages and on cellphones.


For the concert by Iztok Koren and the film “a Story of Sahel Sounds” on Thursday 05.10. In the cinematograph, a separate reservation of a seat ticket is necessary. This can be done directly here. It is also possible to buy a separate ticket for the concert and the film on site.