||ALA|MEDA|| is a five-piece band considered to be one of the most innovative and original bands to emerge from the Polish underground scene. On their new album “Spectra 01” they leave the rock aesthetic behind and immerse themselves completely into the influences of African and Latin American rhythms. The key word here is “Batida”, a musical style that originated in Angola and is known for its euphoric and syncopated rhythm. ||ALA|MEDA|| expand this musical language in their very own way and add influences from industrial, post-punk, gqom, dub and vaporware.


This results in a unique tropical-industrial combination where avant-garde meets afro-house, intricate sampling and granular synthesis are incorporated into a frenetic live rhythm section. The main idea of ​​the band’s new direction is a complete fusion of electronics and live music and the abolition of all boundaries between high and low art, sublime and vulgar works, avant-garde and entertainment. It is music for the soul and for the body alike.

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