Barbara B ITA

Powerful Breaking Beats, Mind Bending Builds, Brute Force, Blurry Basslines, Better Beginning, Member of the BBForce, Bangin Heads, Bitter Sweet Breaks, Burning Diesel Passion, Bandit Ballerina, Banjo Babe, Black Belt Raver – ENOUGH B FOR EVERYONE.
Barbara B is an Innsbruck based DJ who is part of YAKAMOZ crew (luv) as well as founding member of Konnex. In 2022, she started the party series Gender Bender together with some crew members from Konnex and other allies. As a promoter, she focusses on showcasing artists who follow an approach to Techno music that is far from mainstream and mass appeal.
That is exactly what she wants to convey in her own DJ sets. Barbara B is known for her versatile collection ranging from Breaks to Techno, from relatively slow to very fast. She equally loves the Techno sound of the 2000s and percussive, drummy rhythms that are influenced by Dubstep, Jungle and Bass. In her sets, she blends those different styles, staying true to Konnex‘ manner – „mind and genre bending trips“.

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