Faizal Mostrixx UGA

Faizal Mostrixx, a star of Kampala’s explosive music scene, presents a cross-genre Afro-Futurist manifesto from Uganda with his new album “Mutations”. Producer, dancer and choreographer Faizal Mostrixx’s unique vision of East African electronic music is a vital tapestry of polyrhythms, modern dancefloor styles, amapiano, ceremonial chants from the Nile basin and Pan-African field recordings.

From a Western perspective, Afrofuturism has some kind of hype right now โ€“ but that’s what it is, a Western perspective that gives a certain orderly status to what it sees on the concert stages of their own continents. Afrofuturism has always been there, fueled by the encounter between traditional roots sounds and the possibilities offered by each new generation of technology. A style, yes, but beyond that an imperative, a state of mind, maybe even a state of emergency.

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