Gaye Su Akyol TUR

Gaye Su Akyol is considered one of Turkey’s most innovative and experimental musicians. With her futuristic approaches, she combines the contrasts of Anatolian music, psychedelic pop, surf rock, classical Turkish music and post punk.


With her new album „Anadolu Ejderi“, “Anatolian Dragon”, her vision is more personal and uncompromising than ever. She not only sets a brave sign against the repression of the country, but also manages to bring the Turkish psychedelic disco sound from the past into the present with her retro-futuristic songs. In view of the increasingly repressive atmosphere in her home country, she stands for more courage, for more freedom, for Turkish women as well as for the LGBTQ community.


“In a political climate where a woman’s commitment to passion, to falling in love, to her sexual identity is revolutionary enough, she is deeply passionate and able to express her love freely,” notes Akyol. “It would have been easy to sit in the comfort zone of the past.”

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