Mtasa AUT

Mtasa, a black queer DJ born and raised in Vienna with Zimbabwean and Croatian ancestry.

Since 2016, Mtasa has been an influential figure in the Viennese DJ scene, always giving an eclectic sound that has captivated different audiences.


What sets Mtasa apart is her ability to blend different genres seamlessly. Her sound ranges from the pulsating beats of electronic music to the intricate rhythms of experimental sounds of amapiano, gqom, jersey club, ballroom, kwaiito and many more. She has a unique talent for telling a story through her mixes, evoking emotion and painting vivid images in the minds of her listeners.


In addition to her DJ skills, Mtasa also started producing music in late 2020. This expansion of her artistic abilities has allowed her to further hone her craft and create even more captivating sounds. Her production work is a testament to her dedication and commitment to creating something truly special.


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