Nihiloxica UGA

Nihiloxica have a bone to pick. Their first album since the pandemic is called “Source of Denial”, and they’ve focused the chaotic energy of this gripping record squarely on the hostile and prohibitive visa systems in the UK and around the world. These systems directly interfere with Nihiloxica doing what they do best: getting together in a room and exploring the commonalities of the dance music traditions of Europe and Uganda.

Since forming at Nyege Nyege Studios in Uganda in 2017, Nihiloxica have explored the fertile spaces between the traditional rhythms of Ugandan folk music and the club music of Europe. But the further they progress, the more influences flow into the mix. Emerging extreme metal tendencies are on full display on “Source of Denial” and we are treated to the band’s most radical incarnation yet – cranked up by a production-oriented approach in the studio and intentionally more saturated, compressed and distorted sonic images.

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